The Only Hotel Investing Guide You Will Ever Need In UK

As the world economy becomes more prosperous especially in developing countries like India and China, there is a steady increase in tourism and related industry in UK and elsewhere. UK especially is a much-favoured destination for tourists from these countries and elsewhere. So, it is not a surprise that one of the fastest and heavily invested industry in UK is the hotel industry. In fact, in the second half of the previous year, there has been a record £5.5 billion investment in this industry. So, if you are looking for the only hotel investing guide you will ever need in UK, you have come to the right place.

To start with, let’s first look at the reasons on why investing in hotel property in UK will give you a good reason. To start with, the industry is pegged to grow at a yearly rate of 3.8% from now to 2025 and will become near about 10% of the total GDP of UK. This industry is pegged to offer jobs to 3.8 million people and mostly youngster. Which is why the government is going out of its way to make it easier for investors to invest in hotel industry.

Secondly, new properties are always coming up in the market and not just your traditional hotels. Tourists today are more eager to experience a country rather than just visit the main important sites; which means many people are eager to have an authentic experience in say a quaint British village or an island life in Scotland. That in turn has helped property owners with historical buildings to turn their property in bed and breakfast (take for example the Lickleyhead Castle, the 15th century castle and principal seat for chieftain of Clan Leslie part of which is run as a B&B). Property owners like that are always looking for investors and most of these properties are booked for months in advance meaning a good return for investment.

Thirdly, property is a comparatively safer investment than any other and if you are looking for a long-term investment plan, then most financial investors will advice you to invest in a property. However, investing in a property to become a property owner is a hassle for many because they can’t take the time off from their busy schedule to maintain the property. Plus, they have to manage the booking aspect of the business as well and depending on sites like AirBnB or HomeAway come with their own risk. However, when you invest in a hotel property, all you have to do is invest the money and the hotel will look after the rest. They will do the booking, cleaning and looking after the guests; all you have to do is collect the rent. This is one investment that will start paying from the next day!

With a variety of hotel property in market, from B&B to luxury suits, you will always find a property to invest in according to your budget. The entry point in this investment can be as low as £60,000 which many can do with their own cash savings without having to restore to mortgaging to finance their investment. It is also a long-term investment; many hotels offer buy back after a period of 5 to 10 years with as high as 125% of your initial investment. Your yearly income from the property can be around 8% of your investment; and there are not hidden cost or extra payment that you have to make if you buy a residential property. Moreover, since hotel rooms are commercial property, you don’t pay either stamp duty or capital gain duty when you sell your property.

So now that you have a fairly good idea on hotel investing guide you need for UK, go ahead make yours!

Do You Need Hotel Investment Companies To Start Your Own Investment?

Hotel Investment

Investing in a hotel, it sounds great especially in when you are doing the right investment.When are considering to invest in a hotel, make sure you have the right sources and take the right investment. The hotel is a project that is normally founded by multiple investors and these same investors come together to form a steady income without having to form a partnership and all that. The management of a hotel manages the entire transaction of the hotel and makes the daily transactions the hotel needs. When you own art of something the profits drop, your investment return will be affected, but the hotels in UK handily have that experience. The hotel business in UK tends to be booming day in and day out. The next question I want to ask you is Do You Need Hotel Investment Companies to Start Your Own Investment? In this article I am going to highlight all the right things you need to know to invest right into the hotel business.

Have you considered owning an hotel, does the idea of owning make you excited. Do you think you have the right information to make the hotel investment better? To successful invest in the hotel you need to have the entire right asset in place. investing in hotel is like the art and science of it, you need to have the immense knowledge of the way market operate, the hotel operations and in depth analysis into the financial concepts of the hotel which will bring in good returns.

When you are a partner or invested in a hotel investment, it is important to know the investment been made in the hotel. There are times when the investors do not know where to start to make a hotel investment, when you fail to do the necessary research you .

Know your target destination

When you want to invest the taxation system of every system vary so you need check where you want to invest and how much tax goes in. When it comes to tax, the efficiency of the tax is a major benefit when it comes to putting in hotels and getting benefits. There are additional returns on your investment since commercial property have same category as hotels.

Know when to exit

When you want to invest make sure you invest over a period of time. This is done to ensure your investment do fail through, if by any point in time you want to sell it, you can do that and sell the property off to make money.

Getting to the investment in the right venture is good, especially if you choose a good business. The hotel business is good investment in UK, if you want make enough returns on your investment in the long run. You need an investment that can secure you future and business, the rightly in the hotel business and am sure you will smile at the end. The hotel business in the UK over a period having been a major boost in the economic with them recording major sales all the time. The hotel in the UK Has a lot of room for investors, so look for the right one to invest and make a good number of return.

The Best Place To Invest In A Hotel In Manchester

3 Reasons Why Manchester Is So Popular With Hotel Investors

Manchester has always been a major city of UK and was her first industrialized city. Sadly,the city started losing its former glory in the first half of the 19th century. However, the city bounced back with the major facelift done while hosting the XVII Commonwealth Games in 2002. Today, the city is the second global city of UK (after London) and 5th best sports city in the world! So, if you are still wondering on why you should be investing in the booming hotel industry of the city and which is the best place to invest in a hotel in Manchester, here are 3 pointers:

·Manchester is a place for young people who come here to study in the University of Manchester or to work in one of the many foreign owned companies and industries. Hence, hotel rooms are always in demand especially those that have self-catering features for a longer stay. Such rental properties in boroughs around the city like Salford or Tameside are one of the best for investment purposes. These places are very near to upcoming industries and well connected to city centre (Salford is about 5 minutes away). So, these two locations are one of the many options to your question, which is the best place to invest in a hotel in Manchester.

As said before, this city is the 5th best sports city in the world, and people throng to the city when one of the two premier clubs are playing. Any match featuring Manchester United or Manchester City means nearly full room occupancy in the various hotels and rented properties around the city. The hotel industry here offers very good rate of return for investors who can invest in buying hotel rooms to let them during such rush. This is the best deal for any investor because they don’t have to worry about renting the property, cleaning or maintaining it as the hotels look after those areas. All the investors need to do is buy the room and collect the rent! Now of course how much rent you can get will highly depend on where the hotel is located; which is why make sure you have a thorough answer to your question of which the best place is to invest in a hotel in Manchester. The answer is of course to go for hotels that are located nearby to the two stadiums of the football clubs; City of Manchester Stadium and Old Trafford, which is the largest football ground in the UK! And you need to hurry with your decision to invest, because most of the rooms in prominent hotels like Ibis Styles or Holiday Inn are already purchased by investors who have seen a steady increase in the room rent since 2016!

Manchester city is also becoming a hub for entertainment industry. The city is a must stop location for any entertainer and singer on a tour. Naturally, fans from around the country camp here in the city during such events. Then there are the many festivals held all year through that attracts people and artists from all over the world. Notable ones among them, apart from the big ones held during summer, are Manchester Folk Festival, Caribbean Carnival of Manchester and such quirky ones like Grimmfest (now in their 9th year) as well as Manchester Food and Drink festival. Such events held all year through means hotel rooms are always in demand; the nearer to the venue, the better is the rent return! While other places might have a lean season, Manchester hotel industry rarely has one. Not even unfortunate incidents like the Manchester Arena bombing has deterred people from visiting the city and this tragic event saw no impact on the room occupancy rate.

So now that you know the reasons why Manchester is the place for your hotel investment, make sure you do a thorough research on which is the best place to invest in a hotel in Manchester and invest today!

How to Start A Hotel Investment Business on Your Own

The investor coming from the construction sector is taken into consideration that the cost of hotel construction will be low due to being one of these sectors and will make a very profitable investment with incentives to take. The more the number of rooms, the more money they will earn, starting with a minimum of 150 rooms. Of course, this investment will be a very profitable investment in the beginning of a tourism consultant who thinks and totally out of several feasibility reports will be found absolutely. The investor keeps from the architecture of the hotel with the excitement of taking the money in a very short period to step in a new sector and deposits it buried- it also starts to mess with everything including the opening process of the hotel. In the construction process, a chief opening general manager has taken it, but he never trusts it.

10 Golden Tips for Hotel Investment

1. Defeat your Ego!

Most of the investors in the hotel want to make a 5-star hotel. However, the profitability of 3-4-star hotels is much higher due to the low investment and operating costs. For example, remember that a minimum of 100 people for a 5-star hotel with 200 rooms and a maximum of 30 people for a 3+ star hotel with 120 rooms should be employed. Ego? Is it snow? Give your decision before the deposit begins!

2. In hotel investments, the rule of 1 TL = 1000 TL is known!

This is a golden rule. Do not forget that a successful hotel investment can offset the cost of investing $1,000 / room. If you expect an average sales price of 60 euros per room per day, your investment cost per room must be a maximum of 60,000 euros. Forget about your dreams of “getting a return on investment in up to 10 years”

3. Make maximum use of government incentives!

Take advantage of the investment and business support provided by the state. The encouragement document is very easy to apply. However, when it comes to closing these incentives, it becomes difficult. You cannot reach the support you need with the reason for the sloppy application file. There are many companies in this sector working in this field. Work with a firm that has experience in closing, not with experience in application.

4. The most suitable land in the hotel, you can call you!

The most suitable land for the hotel should include many criteria such as location, visibility, accessibility, zoning status and so on. You may have doubts about the suitability of your landmark. However, if you are looking for a land acquisition that is owned by a third party that meets these criteria, you can understand how valuable it is to invest in your own home!

5. Give your hotel a reliable brand to operate!

If you propose a car brand that has proven itself to you, you know the brand and if you trust, only the price and the evaluation of the colour may remain. This is also the case with this hotel. A person who wants to stay in a known hotel asks only 2 questions: Is there space? Is the price appropriate?

6. Work with an architect who is experienced in the hotel!

Drawing projects in hospitals and hospitals requires special knowledge and skill. Your aim is to have a hotel? Or is it having a hotel that does not have business problems? The economic life of a hotel that has been built for 2 years is 40 years. In other words, the mistake that will be made in the project and the planning will mean 40 years.

7. Do not be afraid to work with the public!

The most important step in hotel investments is the land finding and reconstruction. If you are looking for affordable and suitable land for your hotel criteria, buy it now! Think once more before entering into a partnership with a private person / company for the land or building! If there is a problem among you, it can be long and troublesome to solve it by law or by law. Do not hesitate to work with the public, to buy land or buildings by way of allocation.

8. Know that the branding business contract is not just a legal business!

If you understand the importance of the brand’s progeny, and your business has come to the contract, then your legal counsel will not be enough. Especially in the contract phase, no hotel management firm wants to have the investment adviser of the hotel. He wants to end with a classical approach using the “brand standards” shield. An experienced
consultant dominates commercial matters and business administration and conducts negotiations and negotiations in a competitive environment by backing up to a single brand.

9. Work with hotel investment consultant!

If you are not in the hospitality industry and you agree to one or more of the above suggestions, it would be useful to use the consultant. A good consultant has the potential to earn dozens of prizes for the service fee.

10. Implement sustainability criteria as much as possible in your hotel investments!

Scientists say 2.3 worlds will be needed in 25 years if world development continues at this rate. In your project, do not ignore the basic criteria such as energy, water, solid waste. It is certain that you have made the best of your social responsibility with the direct employment and indirect contributions you have gained by making investments.

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Here are Compelling Reasons Why You Should Invest in the New UK Hotels

The real estate industry has always been an industry that has been proven to be always relevant, it has stood the state of time. If done right real estate investment can be the beginning of you building wealth as an individual. Real estate investments are long-term investments that mature with time and in the process of that, they will be giving you a slightly passive income, this type of investment is astoundingly stable. Well, the new Hotels Commercial Property Investment Trend in the UK is something to consider joining Brits.

Considering that Real Estate is something that will be in constant demand, people will always want a roof under their heads; it’s a basic requirement for living. There will also be money to be made even when the economy is not performing well, with a real estate investment.

In 2017 Britain saw a record-breaking number of people flocking into the country and the number is expected to continue to rise. Doing the math this means that there is going to be a continued demand for the hotel and hospitality services, this explains the new Hotel commercial property investment trend in the UK. In 2017 hotel investments amounted to £3.9bn, and that’s a huge amount of people. Hotel occupation was up by 0.5% in London, and in other areas, it amounted to around 0.3%. The Reason why there was so much investment last year is that UK hotel assets provide long-term security. The returns of hotels have been on a rise in the UK Lately and this has reduced the cost of constructing hotels in the UK, this is why the big boys what a piece of the UK Hotels industry pie. Manchester is now the second major destination within the UK. This has been proven with an increase in hotels constructed in Manchester, between 2013 and 2017 there has been a total of about 28 hotels constructed in the City of Manchester. Another reason why there is heavy investment in Manchester is that the Manchester hotels assets are currently low valued and they have a high chance for a quicker rate of return than that London has to proffer.

Having this knowledge should just give you an idea of why the Ultra rich are indulging in UK hotel investments. Well if you do not get why it’s because there is a lot of money to be made here since UK hotels have proven to be much more secure than any other Hotels around the Globe. This is the reason why many people are jumping into the new hotels commercial property investments.

Like l said at the beginning of this article, if done right real estate investments can be the building block for you to start building generation wealth, and right now the UK Hotel assets are low valued (undervalued) and have a high probability of giving you that steady slightly quick return on investment.

Another one reason why you should invest in the new UK hotel properties is, the global air travel is increasing year by year, and if you know people everyone wants to be in the UK mostly London; come on it’s the financial capital for Europe. Last year London was only second to Bangkok with 20 million international visitors, and that number will continue to rise as more people entertain air travel. It only seems right to invest in this UK hotel property market before most of the assets become overvalued.

This is an excellent thing to do rather than letting money decrease in value due to inflation, and there are a lot of financing option available if you want to invest into the real estate like The UK Hotel.